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cvichi ertaoubo Forum Stage Episode #1.5

Episode Description: Zach has a little "discussion" (no really, it is a discussion) with his animated counterpart.

Cast (in order of appearance): Zach Hinchliffe, YesIAmAnIdiot

Page Title: Forum Stage presents: "Not Quite Episode 2" aka "A Tale of Two Idiots"


[edit] Transcript

(Zach is sitting at his computer, in real life, whistling.)

Zach: (Whistles for a bit, and sings) I am procrastinating and not working on Forum Stage, yeah, no, nope, no.

(He whistles again as a strange red figure appears on the screen. He goes up really close to it, squinting.)


(The figure then engulfs the whole screen.)

Zach: Whoa.

(He stands back as animated YesIAmAnIdiot flies out of the computer and lands on the ground with a crash. Zach looks down. Cut to another view of Zach's room. Zach straightens his beanie cap. Awkward silence.)

Idiot: (Smiling) Sup, 'foo!

Zach: Err...hi.

Idiot: Why is episode 2 not out yet?

(Zach opens his mouth, then closes it. A noise can be heard in the background.)

Idiot: Well, why is it?!

(Zach pauses for a second.)

Zach: Oh! Uh, I've been...busy...with...Cons-Console...Wars. Yeah.

(The text "something was going on upstairs at this point" appears.)

Idiot: You haven't updated in forever either. You haven't got into the comic yet!

Zach: It's being retooled.

Idiot: You can say (mockingly) "OMG Episode 2 is almost done people" and then delay it every week!

Zach: I've been busy with... (his face brightens) TheSalenaUmacoChronicles! Yeah.

Idiot: Just finish the damn episode of Forum Stage already!

Zach: (Whining) I don't wanna.

Idiot: I'm probably going to be maimed by the forums for this delay.

Zach: Oh relax, everything'll be fine.

Idiot: Fine except they'll all be hating the series.

Zach: Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah, but, they're all jerks, aren't they?

Idiot: Yeah.

Both: Oh, those wacky forumites!

Idiot: But dude, the fans are going to hate us now!

Zach: We have fans?

(The screen fades and the texts "end" and "episode 2 sometime this week...if I can get off my ass and do it" appear, with an "again?" button in the top left corner.

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