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Welcome to the Forum Stage Wiki, the Forum Stage knowledge-base that anyone can edit.

We're currently working on 56 articles about our favorite internet cartoon.

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  • Episode Guide - A list of the episodes
  • Characters - The characters of the toon
    • Character Evolutions - If a character is redesgned during the course of the series, it will appear here.
  • Places - The settings where the show takes place.
  • Music - Music that appears in the show.
  • Misc - Misc. FS info and tidbits.
  • Sightings - Did a FS character appear somewhere else? Report it here.
  • Forum Stage Website - The official Forum Stage website
  • Forum - The FSwiki forums



Recent updates to the official Forum Stage site.

April 9, 2006
Episode #2: Trivia
April 9, 2006
Special #2: Not Quite Episode 2
February 11, 2006
Episode #1: Internet
December 4, 2005
Episode #0: Introduction
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